A Unique Architectural Phenomenon 

Cover. Autumn in Nanzen-in [2020]. Photographer: Damien Douxchamps.


This gallery is an exhibition of the works of Damien Douxchamps: entrepreneur, photographer and hacker based in Kyoto, Japan.



[A]mong its many distinctive attributes, Kyoto is a city of gardens. These living artworks change with each season, and draw millions of visitors to the ancient capital each year. Most are centuries old; some of the most elegant lie hidden away in temples that are closed to the public. 

Above. Early Morning in Shisen-do [2016]. Photography: Damien Douxchamps.

Above. Sanzen-in Temple Near Kyoto [circa 1963]. Photography: Brian Brake [1927 - 1988].


'In its most real meaning a garden, to them [the Japanese], must be a place of repose, of contemplation, of spiritual communion with Nature. There can a man loaf, and invite his soul ; and, though that soul may be shrivelled and shrunk ... , it will swell and grow and blossom in the atmosphere of the place.'

- Mrs. Basil Taylor

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